Strategic land and site promotion

We work with strategic land developers and promoters, landowners and planning consultants to promote sites for development through or outside the local plan process. We work closely with the consultant team to advise on the strategic approach to a project, the tactics to be used and communications. Our bespoke programmes emphasise working with politicians and local communities to create plans which maximise community benefit and minimise local impacts.

We are experienced in collaborative/community planning and neighbourhood planning and can either organise events ourselves or deliver them together with partners. We facilitate workshops and consultation to support masterplan development, working with local communities to define and refine how a new site will integrate into the existing area.

Some current and recent projects include:

South West Billericay, Essex

This extension to Billericay includes two sites: one of 540 for Redrow and the other for 240 for Scott Properties. It also includes a new school, retail, care facilities, the relocation of both the cricket and tennis clubs, and a new relief road. Both sites are green belt and allocated within the emerging local plan due to be adopted in 2019. Chelgate has been working on this project for several years, building and maintaining relationships with local stakeholders and politicians, as well as local residents and residents’ groups.

Tandridge, Surrey

Chelgate has been assisting Bonnar Allen in promoting this green belt site in Surrey through the local plan process. The site is allocated in the draft local plan for 5,000 new homes plus associated infrastructure, and it is expected the plan will be submitted to the inspector in 2019.

Northfield, South Oxfordshire

Chelgate supported Gallagher Estates and Brasenose College of Oxford University in their proposals for development of around 2,500 new homes with a new primary school, local centre and open green spaces. Located on green belt on the edge of Oxford city, the development was not originally included in South Oxfordshire’s draft local plan despite its locational advantages and deliverability.

Following Chelgate’s political and community engagement for the scheme throughout 2017 and 2017, the scheme is now being considered by the council for inclusion in the refreshed issues and options as of November 2018.

Wisley Airfield, Guildford, Surrey

With Guildford house prices running at more than 14 times average incomes, Wisley Airfield provides an obvious opportunity for development. Under the proposals, the derelict airfield would be transformed into a new community of 2,000+ homes, sports, social and health facilities and parkland. Following extensive engagement, it has been allocated in Guildford’s emerging Local Plan.

Birchall Garden Suburb, Hertfordshire

A proposed garden suburb to provide for the housing and social needs of the local community. The site neatly straddles East Herts and Welwyn Hatfield councils, providing a total of more than 2,556 homes, three schools, shops and other facilities. Whilst it is in the green belt it has been allocated in both emerging local plans. East Herts DC local plan was adopted in 2018 whereas the Welwyn Hatfield local plan is currently with the inspector.

Latton Priory, Epping Forest, Essex

Now part of the Harlow and Gilston Garden Town, this site was for 2,500 homes plus employment and community facilities, as well as a new secondary school. It has been promoted through the Epping Forest Local Plan for several years. We have helped CEG and Hallam Land with political and stakeholder engagement throughout the process. The local plan is expected to be adopted in 2019.